View projects or any task view as simple, structured lists. Sort by Today and upcoming task. You can easily check the daily schedule of each of your teams and control the progress of the tasks you provid

Create tasks, set due dates and assign them to yourself or your team members. Plan and manage any kind your team job by organizing tasks. Cluciety provides activity management to create tasks that can be assigned directly to the team due date of the task.

Tags allow you to categorize and filter. Make a tag if Want to add certain data to all the tasks so when you Need to sort or search by specific data fields just klik the tag name and you can get all the task with that Tag. You can add which teams are given access to view tasks by adding followers in the desired Tag. In this way each team works Properly. You as a team leader easy to track developments.

To find out what the team or task is doing, or a simple view of what's happening, you can use the functionality of the activities; it's a monitoring tool.

Make you easy to record and recapitulate Team attendance status with attenddance management.